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Update on Florentina the Brave!

Florentina is starting her 8th round of chemotherapy on Saturday, this will be the final cycle of the induction chemo.

She has coped very well during this time and between hospital stays has enjoyed being at home spending precious time with family and friends making precious memories.

The next stage of the journey Florentina will have to endure will very much be dictated by the results of the next set of scans that she will have following this round of chemo. We are all praying that her tumour will have shrunk enough for her to have the surgery. If it has, the preparation for surgery will include her having a stem cell harvest in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully she will then have the surgery to remove the tumour and following that she will remain in hospital on a cycle of high dose chemotherapy.

Each stage of the journey is very dependent on how Florentina’s body and the tumour responds to the treatments.

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